The outer material is antimicrobial and can be wiped down to prevent the spread of STAPH and MRSA.

On the front is a clear plastic pocket to hold Opposing Force (OPFOR) identification and/or for running scenarios where you need visual recognition of subjects to differentiate multiple wearers of the SOC® Suit. Also great for labeling suits when storing several at a time.

Large Velcro patent pending panel folds down to allow for a second padded accessory to attach for heavy protection in the stomach and lower abdominal area. The panel can also be used to attached Scenario IED, hand gun pouch, mag pouch or just to create a pocket.

Unique straps in back to hold weapons.

The shoulder pads are removable for realistic fighting and flexibility.

For reinforced protection, the IXPTM padding issued strategically to deflect the impact from hits and strikes during intense training. Designed to be easy to clean and may be washed or wiped down.

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