SOS-D (Special Operations Self-Defense) is based on current feedback from Soldiers, Marines and Federal agents traveling all over the world.The emphasis is to give the student a realistic view of real-world engagements to allow them to establish tactics to help them with the encounter before, during and after. The Force-on-Force threat awareness scenarios and reaction drills will help students develop good decision-making under stress. This is crucial when moving up and down the use of force.Training will include the following topics: Striking and Grappling, Weapons Transitioning and Retention, Edged and Impact Weapons, Improvised and makeshift weapons, Fighting with non-metallic edged weapons, Fighting in low light conditions, Live scenarios with role players, Scenarios with Multiple attackers, Blade design with tactical carry, One handed manipulations and Dual deployment of weapons.

SOS-D Core Concepts & Advantages:

  • Provides a task-specific skill set for the Special Operations.
  • Technique ‘linkage’* Techniques remain easy to remember and employ.
  • Fighting/disengage and escaping multiple assailants, solo or as a team
  • Fighting/disengage in and around vehicles
  • Fighting/disengage and escaping hotel room
  • Weapon transition & retention standing or on ground
  • 360 degree ambush attacks into and over objects
  • How to prep and or dip your weapon undetected
  • Edged Weapon counters and assaults* OC Sprays, Tasers, Tactical lights, batons, Saps, Tactical Pens* Makeshift and Improvised weapons
  • Assessing your environment and threatsVehicle, room tampering and escapes