3SD™ (Solo Soldier Self-Defense) Core training will cover

  • 3SD™ is based on current feedback from soldiers traveling all over the world.
  • Fighting/disengage and escaping multiple assailants solo or as a team.
  • Fighting/disengage and escaping in and around vehicles
  • provides a task-specific skill set for the Special Operations soldier
  • techniques remain easy to teach, remember, and employTechnique ‘linkage’
  • Assessing your environment and threatsVehicle, room tampering and escapes
  • Weapon transition & retention standing or on ground
  • 360 degree ambush attacks into and over objects
  • Fighting/disengage in and around vehicles
  • Knife Fighting: Offense and Defense, OC Sprays, LED lights, batons, Tasers
  • Makeshift and Improvised weapons as well as Shielding objects: Impact weapon, stabbing, cutting, choking, liquid, chemical, projectile, electrical, shielding object, combinations
  • MMA, Boxing, Thai Boxing, Wrestling, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Cross Fit