TACP™ (Tactical Arrest and Control Procedures) will compliment any departments Defensive Tactics. The real-world techniques, tactics and procedures are easily digested, easy to teach and employ. TACP™ is derived from the techniques from SOCP® and SOS-D™ with heavy emphasis on less than lethal options. The TACP™ course allows for a 2-hour Training Module to be plugged into any existing program. This gives the organizations the ability to customize and evolve their Defensive Tactics gradually. TACP™ helps agencies develop realistic, safe, scenarios and drills that allow students to evolve their decision-making under stress.

TACP™ Core Concepts & Advantages:

  • Compliant and non-compliant cuffing
  • Lethal/less-than-lethal options
  • Safe scenarios and drills to evolve decision-making
  • Assessing your environment and threats
  • Weapon transition & retention standing or on ground
  • 360 degree ambush attacks into and over objects
  • Fighting multiple assailants solo or as a team
  • Fighting/disengage and escaping in and around vehicles
  • Vehicle extractions/li>
  • Techniques and tactics are easily digested
  • Technique ‘linkage’
  • TACP™/SOCP® represents over a decade of “end-user testing” and continues to evolve
  • TACP™ compliments any Defensive Tactics
  • TACP™ techniques remain easy to teach, remember, and employ