SOCP represents more than 2 decades of academic research and practical testing and implementation by/with/through national mission force operators. This curriculum has been exhaustively vetted by the highest levels of the Special Operations community of interest. The resultant course offers relevant individual and collective tactics, techniques and procedures that are fully synergized with other relevant domains/skills (such as combat marksmanship and CQB) in order to create a wholly compliant and customized system that addresses critical skill requirements and adheres to existing policies, administration, and legal authorities associated with operations of this nature. The manifestation of these “educational pillars” includes: a menu of task specific techniques (including countering ‘surprise’ directional attacks), use of realistic operating environments (in/around and near objects-obstacles and walls), and a host of scenario based exercises. Special attention is also paid to restraining/detaining and controlling non-lethal force, non-compliant targets in an expeditious and tactically astute fashion.


  • Programs offer task specific techniques that are designed to be seamlessly executed (mechanically) with “on hand” program/unit/operator kit & equipment. Unique attention is paid to non-compliant target (subject) detention and control.
  • Skills require NO modifications / adaptations for practical use; there is no “lost in translation” differential.
  • Programs take “live” lessons learned from the highest levels within the community of interest to guarantee modern day problems are met with modern day solutions; the curriculum is a living entity that is constantly vetted in/during real world operations.


  • Programs are engineered around common operating principles and techniques related to other operator skill domains, such as Combat Marksmanship and CQB.
  • Skills are designed to complement, enhance, and ENABLE these related skill sets rather than contradict or detract from them. Specifically, SOCP techniques are tested in situational training exercises that use CQB environments (or similar for TACP/SOSD) where students face true-to-life problems (related to threats and terrain). Consequently, unit/department SOPs are reinforced, rather than degraded.
  • Programs are built FOR the tactics, techniques, procedures, and existing SOP(s), not AROUND them; instruction is not provided in a ‘one size fits’ all method or style.


  • These programs are carefully engineered to meet both DoD and LE (TACP) Use of Force, Deadly Force, and Force Continuum policies/authorities and administrative requirements. Heavy emphasis is placed on the uber realistic situational training exercises to validate use of all techniques purveyed.
  • Skills are taught in a manner that recognizes the modern concerns and limitations of operators and officers – through the full spectrum of operating environments (including plain clothes/discreet missions with SOSD).

Special attention is paid to operator and officer tools, resources, and equipment in order to ensure there are no “out of policy” or “non-viable” instructional blocks.

SOCP Low Visibility

What is SOCP®?

SOCP® (Special Operations Combatives Program®) is a realism based, task-specific system designed to bridge the gap between foundation training and the unique needs of the modern day Special Operations Units.

On 23 March, 2010 CG of USAJFKSWCS Major General Csrnko made “SOCP®”, and it’s establishment as the ARSOF Combatives program of record for CA/PO/SF with D Company/2nd BN/1st SWTG(A) directed to serve as the institutional/force SOCP® proponent. SOCP® is the designated combatives program for all U.S. Army Special Operations Forces. ERB Codes: (SOCP® I: BRT), (SOCP® II: FBR) SOCP® is now the standard program for fighting in kit.

SOCP® is currently being implemented at Special Forces Units 1st, 3rd, 5th,7th,10th, SWCS, Special Forces advanced skills battalion, 75 Ranger Regiment, Marine RECON, MARSOC, Air force SERE, Para rescue and is spreading fast to other Special Units, FBI, ATF, Border Patrol and other Federal and State Law Enforcement as well as Special Contract Unit.

SOCP Training

SOCP® Core Concepts:

What techniques are demonstrated in a SOCP® Course?

*Fighting in Kit with weaponry

*Weapon transition & retention standing or on ground

*360 degree ambush attacks into and over objects

*Fighting multiple assailants solo or as a team

*Compliant and non-compliant cuffing and vehicle extractions

*Force continuum (lethal/less-than-lethal options)

*Technique ‘linkage’

Program Advantages:

What are the advantages to this system?

1.SOCP® represents nearly a decade of “end-user testing” and continues to evolve based on soldier (and team) requirements, and other necessities

2.SOCP® compliments the existing Army Combatives System (MACP)

3.SOCP® provides a task-specific skill set for the Special Operations soldier

4.SOCP® techniques remain easy to teach, remember, and employ

5.SOCP® provides much needed standardization of crucial skills (SOP creation/development)

6.SOCP® has been implemented through various entities within USASFC and USAJFKSWCS, with great success

2009 MACP adopted SOCP®’s Post-Frame-Hook and 7:00 Technics standing and on the ground witch they call contact rear.

On 7-8 June 2010 MACP instructors were trained in SOCP® basic cuffing; the SOCP® cuffing techniques and vehicle extraction procedures will be added to MACP

SOCP® provides much needed standardization of Compliant and non-compliant cuffing and vehicle extractions

SOCP® has been adopted by ATF and other SRT teams

SOCP® has created the standard for Fighting in kit with weaponry

SOCP® has created the standard for Weapon transition and retention standing or on the ground

SOCP® has created the standard for 360 degree ambush attacks into and over objects

SOCP® has created the standard for fighting multiple assailants solo or as a team

SOCP® has created the standard for Force continuum (lethal/less-than-lethal options)