After nearly 30 years in the Special Operations community, and 20 with the Federal Law Enforcement tactical teams, I have never seen a more functional combatives/defensive tactics program of instruction.

As a team member/operator with service in the both the Ranger Regiment and Special Forces Group(s), and experience at the highest tactical levels in Federal Law Enforcement, I can unequivocally say that SOCP is the only system that provides task – specific (directly transferable and relevant) individual skills that compliment and support essential team collective tasks (such as Close Quarters Battle).
Furthermore, Greg maintains unique connectivity to the SOF (and Tactical Law Enforcement) community through an unparalleled network of subject matter experts. Consequently, he is able to constantly adapt and improve his material by assimilating and synergizing evidence collected from real-world encounters, ensuring the validity and usefulness of his classes. Possibly most notably, as it relates to Law Enforcement, Greg steadfastly studies administrative/deadly force policies to guarantee his techniques comply with officer/agent requirements for their use and application.
For these reasons I offer my highest recommendation for SOCP training, and all its satellite – complimentary courses, for all operators, teams, and units that conduct missions in unique high risk, high consequence tactical domain(s).