It has been my personal and professional pleasure to be acquainted with Mr. Greg Thompson for more than ten years. As a fourteen year veteran of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community, with service in the Ranger Regiment and Special Forces Group, and better than twenty years of martial arts training and experience,

I have found the Special Operations Combatives Program (SOCP) to be the most relevant and useful combatives course of instruction available to the modern SOF operator. Greg is a legitimate subject matter expert with unmatched credentials in his field that was hand-selected to work directly with various elements of the SOF community in their endeavors to improve operator/team combatives capabilities.Over the past several years Greg has used his unique skills and insight to aid in the development of the exceptional training curriculum that is now known as SOCP. Greg has worked tirelessly with individual SOF operators and units in order to construct a combatives program whose nucleus is a task-specific system wherein ‘classroom techniques’ have direct “one-for-one” transference to the SOF operator on the modern battlefield.SOCP’s emphasis on ‘true-to-to life’ techniques and practices enhances the overall effectiveness of this program. Gone are the days of countless drills, katas, or techniques that do not address the weapons, equipment, tactics, (and maybe most importantly the restrictions) of the modern SOF operator. Pointedly, Greg has engineered SOCP with the express purpose of addressing the unique conditions that operators regularly encounter – thereby resulting in the creation a system of immediately useful skills and abilities for operational personnel.I have furthermore found the core concepts and principles within SOCP to be equally as useful in my present occupation as a Federal Law Enforcement officer on a full time tactical team; furthermore demonstrating the validity of the techniques and the broad application of their use in this exceptionally unique line of work/employment.I therefore present my highest recommendation to this program and of Mr. Thompson himself. I encourage professionals, from any and all entities in this field of work, to research SOCP and integrate it into their respective training regimen(s). Regardless of your personal level of martial skill or training, SOCP will assuredly bolster your individual effectiveness, and the overall effectiveness of your organization.