After September 11, 2001, Greg was one of a small group of civilians asked to work as a Federal Defensive Tactics and Air Marshal hand to hand instructor in Artesia, New Mexico. Greg Thompson is the creator of SOCP® (Special Operations Combatives Program) which became a Program of Record on March 23, 2010. SOCP was the first officially designated Combatives Program for all U.S. Army Special Operations Forces and is now the standard program for fighting in full combat body armor across all services and some Federal Agencies. The Enlisted Records Brief Codes are: (SOCP I: BRT), (SOCP II: FBR).

 Greg has created SOCP Instructors at all Special Forces Groups (1ST,3RD,5TH,7TH,10TH), USAJFKSWCS, Army Rangers, Range 37 (Advanced Skills Battalion), Air Force Pararescue / SERE, Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC), Marine Force Recon, Navy Special Warfare – SEAL, Coast Guard Direct Action Teams and many other Special units. He is also currently training Federal, State and local Law Enforcement, such as FBI, ATF, US Marshals/SOG, Border Patrol BORTAC and several other key units.


Greg Thompson has been training Special Operations Units since 1998. In 2004 UFC legend, Royce Gracie gave out his first Black Belts to Greg and four other students at Greg’s Mixed Martial Arts School – Team R.O.C. Greg is currently a 4th degree and is still training with Royce since the early 90’s. Team R.O.C. is known for training some of the top No Holds Barred (NHB) fighter’s on the East Coast. Tap Out Magazine has ranked Team R.O.C. the number one MMA School in North Carolina. They have participated in many high level competitions some of which include the Ultimate Fighter Championship (UFC), The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), K-1, HDnet, Rumble on the Rock, King of the Cage. Greg also is a certified instructor Kru in Muay Thai with Black Belts in several other systems.

Greg’s other achievements are: 2003 NAGA World Champion Advanced Division, Triangle Grappling and Guererros Gauntlet Superfight Champion, 2000 Pan-Ams Silver Medalist, Gracie National 200-210 lbs Champion.

Greg is the author of H2H Combatives. This book illustrates, striking, clinching, weapon offense and defense, weapon transition and retention into and over objects. In July 2019 Greg was mentioned in an article by called “The Innovators: Five people who are changing Martial Arts”. In January 2021 Greg was also featured in Retired Navy Seal and NSA agent Clint Emerson’s Book 101 Deadly Skills Combat edition as one of the top Combative Instructors in the World.


Greg has a Masters Degree in Industrial Design from North Carolina State University and has taken dozens of products to market. He currently has six patents Most of his designs were inspired by the needs revealed by his combative systems for self-defense. Greg has designed five Knives and one rescue tool. These knives were so successful they were given government NSN numbers. Greg also has products that enhance combative training.

Tactical Products

  • SOCP Sling pack is a versatile pack that can attach to any strap, belts, backpacks, visor or insert. It has unique fold down phone clear pocket and quick deploy dagger pockets.
  • SOCP Insert is perfect for concealed carry organization. It allows you to quickly change bags and or acquire equipment quick.
  • SOCP Fanny pack
  • SOCP Daggers 175, 176, 178 patented designs are Low profile and quick to deploy with either hand. The skeletonize handle allows you to transition to your other force multiplier without releasing.
  • SOCP Rescue Tool 179 is great for cutting seatbelts and breaking glass. It is Quick to deploy and maneuver while doing multiple task. Can be used for less than lethal options.
  • SOCP Folder 391, 391T is a unique, low profile knife. Its short clip and sleek design make it the ultimate, concealed carry, self-defense folder. Other features are a carbide glass breaker, two clips choose, four separate attachments.
  • SOCP Fixed Blade 185
  • Spiderti Is a patented restraining system that is easy to carry and adapt to multiple restraining situations.
  • Defenseband is a patented self-defense watch band design to apply an Ezekiel choke!

Training Products

  • O.C. Impact Suit is a full body suit with unique features to aid in role-playing and simunitions!
  • Combat Cubes are designed to create a safe, realistic environment for combative role-playing.
  • SOCP AR Training rifle re-design For Safety.
  • AR pad provides safety padding over existing training rifles to enhance combative training.
  • SOCP Training knives
    • 176T 
    • 391T
  • H2H Combatives book is a manual for sustainment training, and a blueprint for creating a well-rounded Soldier or Marine.