The SOCP Instructor Course is an 80-hour curriculum specifically designed to build the student’s knowledge base and fundamental understanding of the SOCP core curriculums. The prospective SOCP Instructor will be exposed to the full breadth of SOCP techniques to include, but not limited to the following modules: core skills (9/7/5 architecture – directional attacks), fighting in/around realistic environments (how to “use and adapt too” your environment), subject restraint (cuffing) and handling, weapons retention (pistol, rifle, blade), kit equipment management, plain clothes options/variations/considerations, tactics (integration and interoperability concepts for/with existing Close Quarters Battle SOPs), confined space profiles (linear, tubular, vehicular), customized instructional (delivery) methodologies, and concepts for building task-specific training scenarios. Possibly most importantly the Instructor (student) will be exposed to a litany of real-world lessons learned (skill “vignettes”) that validate the application and overall value added of/for these skills. Instructor students will become intimately familiar with the SOCP pillars and principles associated with: Relevance, Synergy, and Compliance in order to effectively present and deliver the material.

Instructor (students) are carefully vetted through a blended hands-on practical skill assessment/evaluation and an academic examination. Through this mechanism the SOCP curriculums are consistently and persistently calibrated to ensure that all instructors through the entire enterprise are providing equivalent and complimentary/matching material. Standards are stringent and require a minimum score of 90% (or greater) on ALL testing protocols to successfully complete the course.