S.O.C® Suit

SOC Suit sm/med (TXSSM): NSN# 8415-01-657-3013

SOC Suit lg/xl (TXSLXL): NSN# 8415-01-657-4822 

Part# LBT-5400KIT Rev: BLACK XL

Special Operations Combatives (SOC®) Suit is the most advanced scenario-based suit ever created. Designed with unique Patent Pending features to drastically improve operator’s decision-making before, during, and after combative situations. SOC® Suit is also designed for simunition protection and has belly pad accessories.

Each part contains innovative IPX™ technology with high performance shock absorption and impact protection.

The SOC® suit is made of high-quality fabrics formulated to protect from disease, helping to combat the growing number of outbreaks of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Staphylococcus infrctions, and other harmful viruses and bacteria. The suit was designed to be easy to clean and may be washed or wiped down.


The form-fitting helmet easily adjusts to a comfortable and safer fit with a quick-lace, simple method allowing your to tighten the helmet one-handed with just the use of your thumb.

Part of the face shielf can be removed completely to improve breathing for MMA training and certain training scenarios.

The helmet is made with IXP™ for superior safety and comfort.

The eye shield allows greater visibility and peripheral vision.

The visor is a scratch resistant and will not fog-up.

One size fits all.


The outer material is antimicrobial and can be wiped down to prevent the spread of STAPH and MRSA.

On the front is a clear plastic pocket to hold Opposing Force (OPFOR) identification and/or for running scenarios where you need visual recognition of subjects to differentiate multiple wearers of the SOC® Suit. Also great for labeling suits when storing several at a time.

Large Velcro patent pending panel folds down to allow for a second padded accessory to attach for heavy protection in the stomach and lower abdominal area. The panel can also be used to attached Scenario IED, hand gun pouch, mag pouch or just to create a pocket.

Unique straps in back to hold weapons.

The shoulder pads are removable for realistic fighting and flexibility.

For reinforced protection, the IXPTM padding issued strategically to deflect the impact from hits and strikes during intense training. Designed to be easy to clean and may be washed or wiped down.


To drastically improve operators decision-making before, during, and after combative situations the bottoms are designed with two concealed inner pockets and two outer pockets for holding knives, guns, grenades, etc.

The padding can be removable for washing to prevent the spread of STAPH and MRSA.

Padding can be added to reduce impact from hard kicking and knees.

Innovative IXPTM padding isused in strategic locations for ultimate protection.


The pads feature a unique slip-on design, making it fast to suit up and comfortable for the wearer.

Easily adjustable elbow pads are ergonomically designed to stay in place and avoid slippage, while providing joint suppot. Innovative IXPTM padding is used in strategic locations for ultimate protection.

Designed to be easy to clean and may be washed or wiped down.


Designed for comfort and protection. Designed with a unique patent pending non-slip technology.

For safety when wearing shoes the insteps can be removed. Make with IPXTM padding for maximum protection.

Easy to clean and may be washed or wiped down.


Open palm design allows the user to have full use of hands for grab, holding and weapon transitioning. Padding protects the metacarpals and thumbs from impact.


SOC® suit’s patent pending torso panel folds down to allow for the belly pad to attach for heavier protection from intentional or unintentional strikes to the stomach or groin area. It is also great protection when shooting simunition in the clinch.


Simunition protection assessory is designed to give protection to the face and neck from air-soft, simunition rounds.

The unique design is quick to apply and easy to clean.

For safety reasons, we have separate groin protection.


The unique, custom bag makes it easy to organize all parts. It offers compartments for each item as well as two zipper compartments for accessories.

Double handles and backpack straps make it easier to transport to and from training site.

SOC® Suit comes in:
Small / Medium


Large / Extra Large



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I strongly recommend Mr. Greg Thompson for consideration as a primary trainer and/or advisor for any unit’s combative program. I am currently responsible for the planning and execution of the Army’s Special Forces advanced Close Quarters Battle program and for the past 3 years we have incorporated Mr. Thompson’s combative program into...
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I strongly recommend Mr. Greg Thompson for consideration as a primary trainer and advisor for any unit combatives program. As commander of Range 37 I have the responsibility to train and to familiarize all of our Special Forces assaulters on the most up to date and current techniques, tactics, and procedures. This includes a comprehensive combatives...
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It has been my personal and professional pleasure to be acquainted with Mr. Greg Thompson for more than ten years. As a fourteen year veteran of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community, with service in the Ranger Regiment and Special Forces Group, and better than twenty years of martial arts training and experience, I have found the...
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“Training with Greg Thompson for the past 5 years has been the best thing that could have happened to me. Since I started training with Greg I have gone 6-1 in my professional mixed martial arts career. He has been my premier ground and Jiu Jitsu coach. During my time with Special Forces Greg has been the primary instructor for all combatives...
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Two words describe Greg Thompson: ability and wisdom. As a martial arts instructor, Greg Thompson is a rarity. He has the natural physical and mental abilities of a worldclass fighter and has the skills to back it up. His wisdom as an instructor is unsurpassed, having exceptional skills in all areas of martial arts, from weapons to all ranges...
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Greg has developed his programs based on the feedback of soldiers who have “been there and done that” in the Close Quarters setting of Iraq and Afghanistan during the War on Terror . . . Greg Thompson is a true asset to the military or any other agency that he is acquainted with and I am honored to call him my friend.

William Clark,...
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