All active duty Law Enforcement and Military are invited to attend the Special Operations Combatives Program (SOCP) Instructor Course

SOCP Level 1

July 12-16, 2021

SOCP Instructors Course

July 12-23, 2021

Location: Alexandria, AL

REMEMBER! For SOCP Instructors Course:
You Must have one of these qualifications

*SOCP LV 1 Certification

*MACP Master Trainer

*MCMAP Black Belt

*USAF Master Instructor

*CQB Tactical Training

*SRT Defensive Tactics

** Must be in a position to instruct.


* Concealed carry & standard holsters
* Training handgun
* Plate carrier / helmet
* Preferably wrestling shoes or flat sole shoes
* ACUs or BDUs pants and top preferred

Training Location:

Alexandria, AL

Program Cost:


Train and Certify in SOCP Level 1 over a 5 day course, includes manual, H2H Book, Dagger/Trainer

Program Cost for SOCP Instructors Course:


Train and Certify as SOPC Instructors over a 10-day course, includes manual, Books and Dagger/Trainer.

Suggestion’s for Hotels nearby: All hotels are about 25 minutes from training site.

  • The Hilton Garden Inn: 280 Colonial dr., Oxford, AL
  • The Courtyard by Marriot: 289 Colonial Dr. Oxford, AL
  • The Hampton Inn and Suits: 210 Colonial Dr. Oxford, AL

* All hotels are based on average per night, these rates are variable*

Program Cost:


Train and Certify as SOCP Instructors over a 10-day course, includes manual, Books and Dagger/Trainer @ $1,950.00 each.  (Hotel, food and travel are not included!)

Sign up now! Class space is limited.

Point of Contact:
Alicia Hernandez
(949) 838-7894


Ep 187 A Look Into Special Operations Combatives Program® With Greg Thompson


SOCP® Dagger - Benchmade 176/178 SOCP® Dagger Military Application

SOCP® Rescue Tool

SOCP® (Special Operations Combatives Program®)

SOCP® Creator Greg Thompson's Combative Tips

To evolve the Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) Greg Thompson was asked to help. He volunteered his time to be videoed demonstrating cuff prisoner handling vehicle extractions, post, frame, hook and other techniques. The Techniques will go on a secure military site for soldiers and Instructors. He closed with lecturing on things that soldiers forget or get complaisant with.