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The SOCP® program is one of two combative programs for the Army that counts towards promotional points.
ERB Codes: (SOCP® I: BRT), (SOCP® II: FBR)

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I strongly recommend Mr. Greg Thompson for consideration as a primary trainer and advisor for any unit combatives program. As commander of Range 37 I have the responsibility to train and to familiarize all of our Special Forces assaulters on the most up to date and current techniques, tactics, and procedures. This includes a comprehensive combatives system. There is no other combatives program in the world besides Mr. Thompson’s Special Operations Combatives Program (SOCP) that you can take out of the dojo and place in a combat environment and have zero shortfalls. This is because Mr. Thompson has designed and tested this system based on feedback from our most elite units and real world combat operations.

Mr. Thompson has been working on SOCP for over 10 years in concert with Range 37 and various units in USASOC in an effort to build a combatives system that bridged the gap between the Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) and Close Quarters Combat (CQC) specific tasks. This combatives system out of the dojo and places it in a CQC environment with real world combat focused scenarios such as flex cuffing, weapons retention, detaining, and searching.

Mr. Thompson’s SOCP is an extremely progressive training program that is easily adaptable to the ever changing battlefield. Mr. Thompson’s loyalty is not to any one combatives discipline but to the Soldiers in uniform. Mr. Thompson’s program reflects this. If it isn’t relevant to actual combat operations it isn’t trained. The majority of this program is conducted in full kit and uses all the soldier’s organic weapons systems which include everything from their bare hands to their M4 carbine.

SOCP has been extremely effective at training soldiers to a high level of combatives proficiency in a short amount of time and in a safe manner. It has been truly amazing to see operations perform from tentative guys that can’t even throw a punch to a confident operator that can calmly deal with any situation thrown at him while applying the appropriate level of force. Additionally, there are no programs that can boast the safety record of Mr. Thompson. In the three years that this program has been at Range 37 there have been zero injuries due to combatives training or any missed training due to a combatives related injury. This can be attributed due to Mr. Thompson not only training soldiers in combatives but teaching unit trainers how to properly integrate SOCP into unit sustainment and training programs.

I fully endorse Mr. Thompson and SOCP. Mr. Thompson’s SOCP is a simple program that enables any soldier no matter what his or her combatives background to apply of core set of principals/techniques under extreme physical and mental stress while choosing the appropriate level of force. I have personally used Mr. Thompson’s techniques in real world combat operations and would not be here today if I didn’t have this training. Mr. Thompson has the Special Forces community and my utmost confidence and respect. He is the best in the business bar none.

Pete S. Kranenburg

This Testimonials entry was posted on January 6th, 2012.


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To evolve the Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) Greg Thompson was asked to help. He volunteered his time to be videoed demonstrating cuff prisoner handling vehicle extractions, post, frame, hook and other techniques. The Techniques will go on a secure military site for soldiers and Instructors. He closed with lecturing on things that soldiers forget or get complaisant with.