Training Weapons

Training Gun Government Carbine M4 LBT-5920A (Designed for training with real impact).

Training Gun Government Carbine M4 – #TXRM4
Color: Black
Training Gun Government Carbine M4 – #TXRM4OR
Color: Orange

Designed for training with real impact
Train with the right gear
General Features:

  • Realistic, lightweight replicas
  • Made of urathane for durability
  • Ideal for weapon retention, disarming, room clearance and sudden assault training

Ep 187 A Look Into Special Operations Combatives Program® With Greg Thompson


SOCP® Dagger - Benchmade 176/178 SOCP® Dagger Military Application

SOCP® Rescue Tool

SOCP® (Special Operations Combatives Program®)

SOCP® Creator Greg Thompson's Combative Tips

To evolve the Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) Greg Thompson was asked to help. He volunteered his time to be videoed demonstrating cuff prisoner handling vehicle extractions, post, frame, hook and other techniques. The Techniques will go on a secure military site for soldiers and Instructors. He closed with lecturing on things that soldiers forget or get complaisant with.